Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Vanity publishing

I think I'm set onto global domination. Or at least Google dominance.

I've just typed my name into the eponymous search engine and find I occupy gold and bronze positions (also four and six if you can be bothered to go down that far). But who is that in silver?

I have Brazzil to thank for publishing my articles (although bizarrely the rugby one still seems to be high on the list) and I'd like to think this blog is attracting more attention too; Para Ingles Ver is currently number five on Google. Let's try and get into medal contention by the time of the Olympics!

Of course this is all sheer vanity of course. But then what would be the point of a blog if no-one read it. I think I'm succumbing to bloggeritis: an egotistical condition brought about by constant commentating.

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