Monday, August 16, 2004

Soul searching and bank rolling

So a poll shows Marta (Workers Party - PT) in the lead yet again: his time among the 16% of Sao Paulo's population which classify themselves as evangelicals. Her main opponent, Jose Serra (Social Democrat - PSDB) must be feeling as sick as a pig.

Poor Jose is even losing out to the right-wing ex-mayor, Paulo Maluf (Popular Party - PP). 72% of those saying they'll vote Maluf will stick with him whatever happens, compared to 71% loyalty to Marta and 58% for Serra himself. Serra must be starting to wonder what he can possible do.

Maluf will be especially pleased with these findings from the eponymous Datafolha poll company, since he's had some bad publicity over the weekend. He claimed to not know anything about a movement of some US$400,000 in a American bank recently. Still, if you have nearly R$6 million stuck in a French bank account, what's a few hundred thousand here and there?

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