Tuesday, August 17, 2004

On the box

Anyone who has been to Brazil and sat through the news post-novelas (soap operas) during an election year will know the sheer inanity which follows. Wall-to-wall coverage of various candidates all getting their minute of fame. And unlike British political broadcasts, you don’t just get five minutes; it can go on a full 45 minutes in some cases.

So pity the poor burghers of Sao Paulo, who are about to get it shoved in their faces. Paulo Maluf, fresh from a banking scandal, is going to air his ‘Team Maluf’ ads, with various sports personalities all expressing support for the man. Rather timely, wouldn’t you say? Expect more exploitation of the commercial sporting extravaganza in Athens before the week is out.

Meanwhile Social Democrat and former front-runner, Jose Serra, has sworn off attacking his opponents for the next two weeks. Given his fall in the polls last week, it’s probably just as well. So what’s his spot going o say? Public, meet: Serra: A man of vision’. Jose’s going to set out his plans for the city and his achievements as health minister in the previous government.

Practically, it’s about all the ad men can do with him, given the man’s gaping lack of charisma. I suppose they could do something with his wife, but she's not up for election, is she?

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