Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Chinese whispers

Hmm. So the Lib Dems are using the silly season (and the Olympics) to make a sporting point. Oh well, why not?

Interesting how the story changes, isn't it? Don Foster makes the comment that because schools aren't good at identifying potential sportspeople, PE co-ordinators should come in and develop this skill. And he seems to be indicating these co-ordinators could be champions, whether at local, regional or national level. At least that's the implication.

So to the e-Politix take: "Liberal Democrats want sports stars to replace traditional PE teachers.
Under their plans, experts will teach their specialist sport at a number of local schools, giving more children access to top coaching."

Not quite what Don was promising, I think. And a look at the upcoming conference motion on sport doesn't have that angle either. Nowhere does it say these 'reformed' PE teachers to PE co-ordinators need to be existing sports stars. In fact, how would an elite sports personality find the time to commit to a school on a regular basis?

But maybe that's not the point. The Lib Dems want a quick headline and if that means the media misinterpreting what is proposed, then so be it. And the likelihood of the press office asking the media for an apology for misinterpreting the story? Less than zero, methinks.

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