Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Access denied

It seems the Democrat convention failed to stir those at Cowley Street. After the success of several bloggers gaining media accreditation for the event, I thought I might try the same thing at the Lib Dem conference next month.

However, it seems they are unconvinced. So it looks like I'll have to shell out a small fortune if I am to bring you the unvarnished, behind-the-scenes details of what goes on at Bournemouth. But what with the conference supposedly to be dominated by Iraq and Mark Oaten's virtually unqualified endorsement of new anti-terror legislation on the Today programme this morning, could this be one more step along the way towards creating a bland, uncontroversial pre-election conference platform?

Then again, what am I thinking? Who in their right mind would want to read snippets from a Lib Dem conference?! Even some hard-core political junkies might balk at that!

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