Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Closer to home

And now closer to home. Is there any connection with the decision to send John Prescott to North Cornwall, after his involvement in this?

Also how reassuring to finally see Charlie note the value of challenging Labour at the next General Election. For the last three years we've been listening to this gibberish that we need to out-Tory the Tories if we're to replace them as the opposition party. But after the successes of Brent East and Leicester South might we finally see a more radical alternative and strategy approach?

My guess is probably not. The story's just to fill copy and most likely a sop to those of us in the party who want to see a more robust approach taken against Labour. It's acknowledgement of the work done in Labour areas to date (and the impending by-election in Labour Hartlepool as well). But come the General election we'll be back to a more simple message of needing to beat the Tories.

Uh, hello? Who's in government at present (even if there ain't much to choose between the present chap and the last lot)?

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