Friday, August 13, 2004

Heard on the stump #2

On it rumbles. The fall out from the latest Datafolha poll for Sao Paulo mayor, which puts the incumbent, the Workers Party’s (PT) Marta Suplicy, on top, continues to attract comment.

The Socialist Party/Democratic Movement Party (PSB/PMDB) candidate, Erundina, is feeling especially sour. Having made little headway, with a poll of less than 10%, Erundina commented:

‘Since the beginning my candidacy has been contested by some in my party because they are being agitated by the PT. They are being helped to do it. They are a group that have no means or resources… [and] they are organising a team to support another candidate. Where is this money coming from?’

Meanwhile the Liberal Front Party (PFL), who are in coalition with the Social Democrats (PSDB) are showing support for their man, the Social Democrat Jose Serra. Senator Jorge Bornhausen, the PFL president, has tried to kill Marta’s chances. ‘She only has a maximum of 30% of the votes and it’s not going to rise any further. It’s a death spasm, which passes quickly.’

Nice choice of words? Comes across as a slightly unhealthy preoccupation, methinks.

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