Monday, August 23, 2004

Picnic in the Park

I do wonder how much time I'm going to get on this blog for the next few months. Doing a weekend round-up on the Sao Paulo election took awhile, scouring for reports and translating them! Still, it's only for a few months and I'm sure I'll come back to this blog soon enough.

But as I said last week, this will free me up to write about other things on this blog. And so I can inform my two readers that the Peladao (Big Picnic) in Regent's Park seemed to be a success.

Organised by the Jungle Drums magazine for the Brazilian community, admittedly we didn't get there till quite late - and most importantly - after the capoeira had finished. Bummer. But the football was still going (though judging by the exhaustion and slowness of the players, I suspected we were watching the final). There was also one of the samba bands warming up for the Notting Hill Carnival this weekend. A few stalls selling acai and steaks, plenty of people sitting on the grass (although it didn't feel warm), but it definitely had an end-of-day feel about it.

Would have been there earlier of course, but family duty called (along with a good stack of ribs while celebrating a birthday). I'll be interested in the 'post-match' analysis of the event in next month's edition of Jungle Drums.

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