Friday, August 06, 2004

Lembit 4 Prez?

I wondered how long it would take before Hartlepool would feature as a battleground in the campaign to be the next Lib Dem president. And sure enough, now it has. Hot off the press in my mailbox is a missive from Lembit Opik. And not just once, but twice:

"Dear Fellow Lib Dem,

"I am just emailing to update you on my campaign to be President and to
let you know that in the weeks ahead I'll mainly be spending my time working on
the Hartlepool by-election.

"The Presidential campaign is going really well and I am flattered by
the large number of messages of support from ordinary members of the party,
which are coming into the office every day. (If you want to see just a few
of the people who are supporting me, you can visit my website at

"All the evidence shows that it's going to be extremely close, so if
you do have any questions or want to pledge your support, you can get in touch
with my Campaign Team...

"However, while the Presidential campaign is important, it seems to me
that the best use of our time at the moment is to pour all our efforts into
Hartlepool. We have a great chance in Hartlepool to prove to Britain that
we're THE contender to Labour. So, with the exception of a few other
outstanding commitments, that's where you'll find me for most of the next few

"I do hope you've decided to vote for me for President. But
frankly, whether you have or not, please come to Hartlepool! This is one
we can all win together. Hope to see you there.


So any Lib Dems who fancy some face time with Lembit should make the long trek north. And meanwhile those of us hanging out in East London will have to make do with a virtual version of he candidate.

I'm sure Guacamoleville would like to have seen this, but unfortunately he (or is it she?) hasn't left their email for me to send it. So it'll have to go up here for now.

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