Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Gay exclusion?

I am at a complete loss in understanding this. Apparently an action has been successfully brought against a federal deputy and candidate for mayor of Viseu, a town in the northeastern state of Para. It's claimed that she has a 'stable union' with the current mayor, who happens to be a woman as well.

It's alleged there is a lesbian affair going on between the two, which they both deny. But the decision against the federal deputy's candidacy stems from the closeness of her relationship with the mayor. Perhaps she's getting a headstart over her rivals?

Whatever it is, being gay isn't grounds for exclusion from an election. The local gay movement in the state capital, Belem, makes this point and is offering its support to the two women if they want it.

Yet another strike in favour of equality before the law and Northeastern tolerance, I don't think.

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