Monday, August 16, 2004

Bringing the boys round

Meanwhile it's all fun and games over at Erundina HQ (Brazilian Socialist Party - PSB). Former Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB) governor and state party president, Orestes Quercia, has been drafted in to oversee the financial management of the coalition's campaign. He claims he won't get involved with the political direction - that's up to the candidate. But what likelihood is there that he hasn't been brought in to add some weight to the team and make sure that disaffected PSB members don't peel off and support Marta's re-election bid?

Back in March Quercia was one of those who expressed discontent at the governing PT's economic policy and advocated leaving the coalition in Congress. What better person could be brought into Erundina's floundering campaign to prevent the lefties scarpering to the exit?

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