Monday, August 09, 2004

Easing the burden?

Well that's got to be good news for Wellington Dias, Piaui's embattled governor. Investment funds from the national government will be directed faster to the northeast than any other region. And Piaui will receive nearly 20% of this money.

Last month I noted on this blog that Wellington Dias was coming under fire for failing for the size of his state's debt with the national government. He was going to have to make major administrative reforms and cut the payroll if he was to get Piaui back on an even keel. The decision of the national government may well be a sop towards their struggling party colleague, who may be proving a bit of an embarrassment to the governing Workers Party (PT).

But recent polling figures from Teresina, the state capital, suggest there's a lot of ground to be made up. The T's candidate for mayor is trailing in fourth place at the moment, on 9% and faces the largest rejection level by the public (32%).

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