Friday, August 06, 2004

Brazilian events in August

So the latest edition of Jungle Drums (rapidly becoming my favourite Brazilian magazine here in London) is out. Although it's also available online, I thought I'd note upcoming Brazilian-themed events this month.

The people at Jungle Drums appear taken with the Ritzy Cafe down in Brixton, which seems to be taking on all manner of Brazilian music including jazz and funk tomorrow night (7), DJing and bossa nova next Friday and Saturday (13 and 14) and choro and samba on the 21st.

As well as the Peladao (see post below), there's also Brazilian film at the BCA in King Street on the 17th (except I'll be supporting a Peruvian friend that night at a Cuban salsa gig in Cargo which is being put on by a friend of his) and of course the carnival schools at the Notting Hill festival at the end of the month. Maybe this year I might finally make it, as well as the Sambatralia clubnight at The Pool on the last Thursday of the month (26).

The magazine also reports that a new bar called Guanabara (Rio de Janeiro state's old name) will be opening in Covent Garden in September. Apparently it has space for 500 people and will be Brazilian-themed, with music and food to boot. I suppose I will have to make my way there as well. All in all, it's looking like a good time is in store over the next few weeks.

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