Friday, January 06, 2006

The world turned upside down...

Nine years ago, when I first took a course on Latin American politics the neo-liberal order was in full swing and characters like Menem and Fujimori were running the show. A decade later and all the talks about the rise of the Left and indigenous rights.

I thought that was the appeal of studying that region's politics rather than British politics.

That was until yesterday.

Not only does Charles Kennedy finally 'fess up to a drink problem, but my local MP, George Galloway, is set to become Big Bruvver in the BB house! What next?

Is it any surprise about Kennedy? The rumblings have been there for years, but it has always been hushed up. Remember the problems about his 'illness' at conference? Yet that's not the aspect that's so stunning. No, it's the sheer unwillingness by sections of the party to follow through with this hatchet job, even after leaving Kennedy bloodied. How else to descibe a ballot paper with just CK's name on it? It's exactly like the referendum questions put to the Chileans under Pinochet in 1980 and 1988 - not exactly an advertisement for liberal democracy is it?

As for Gorgeous George, at least his entry into the Big Brother House will mean that he can't do any damage to Tower Hamlets while he's in there. But I reckon the people who will miss him the most will be the Brick Lane curry house owners - if he goes the distance they'll be losing quite a bit of custom.

Although I'm willing to wager that he won't be in there for long.

Rather like Kennedy in fact.

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