Monday, January 09, 2006

Who's in?

So he's bowed to the inevitable and gone. Well, it never looked likely that Kennedy would be able to continue as leader, even if he had got the members' endorsement. Look at Iain Duncan Smith's experience for that.

Of course having a party affiliation means that when you attend a social gathering everyone asks you for your opinion on it. And judging by the Fox and Grapes crows in Wimbledon yesterday, the sympathy is with Kennedy. Although interestingly all the MPs (and Ashdown) are lining up behind Ming Campbell. It's starting to look like a coronation - something I doubt the membership will wear.

For the sake of a contest - and the opportunity to grumble about more than one candidate - we need another to enter the race.

So what are you waiting for Andrew? Now's the time!

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