Saturday, January 07, 2006

Will no one speak up?

Just looking at the Lib Dem website, I see there's been absolutely nothing posted since Thursday. What's going on? Could it be that the press office doesn't know what to say?

After all, I'm curious to know how the party's responding officially to media reports that nearly half the Parliamentary party have no support in Kennedy. Presumably there's civil war within Cowley Street and in this instance the first casulaties are the NCOs - in this instance the press officers.

Odd that the press office - which likes to be both at the centre and in control of any Lib Dem pronouncement - has gone silent at the very moment it's most needed. Not just that, but from my seat it looks like it's been sidelined, as the media go direct to MPs themselves rather than through the supposedly correct and formal channels.

After the fallout from the leadership crisis is done it might be worth looking at how the media operation is managed inside the party.

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Matthew of Sunny Swindon said...


I am satisfied that the parties website was not used as a place to SPIN a message either from Charles' office or from the many decentors in the Parliamentary Team.

The website should be a place to communicate campaigning news and comment on political issues of the day.

Blogs are a suitable place for commentary and opinion sharing, so long as they do not become offensive.

As a subscriber to the party website, I was pleased to receive a copy of the CK press statement shortly after it was delivered.