Friday, January 06, 2006

The bevvied leading the bland

One last Lib Dem-related item - and then I promise to shut up.

God knows why I still continue to receive briefings from the youth section of the party (I'm turning 30 in less than a month - surely that makes me middle-aged to these people?!), but I do despair of it. Their latest statement on Kennedy is worthy of the Politbureau:

Liberal Democrat Youth and Students notes Charles Kennedy's dignified
statement today, and the constitutional process that he has now put
into place.

It will be a relief for many members to see an end to whispering and
plotting, and to take this opportunity to reflect on how we as a party
face the future.

We welcome the fact that, since there must be a leadership election,
it is open to all members to vote in. This shows a level of respect
for the party membership and for democracy that other parties have
consistently failed to exhibit.

We wish Charles well for his continued recovery, and await
developments with interest.

It seems the idealists and radicals of the party have disappeared, to be replaced by the careerists and hacks. And that is more depressing than the current leader's difficulties; the future doesn't seem too bright with lines like that, does it?

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