Thursday, January 05, 2006

Out of the blocks

Happy New Year to all! Yes, I've been incommunicado the past week, but was it worth it! It's great to have a break and kick back, although now it's time to cut the carb intake and begin the workouts again. And I see others are at it too - I've never seen so many joggers pounding around the Clapham Common as I did last night - when it was near freezing!

It's the first day back at the LSE - at least for me. I've already spent two days at my paid job and now the job hunt for when I finally leave it starts in earnest. At some point this afternoon I'll need to start putting together the collective ramblings that I scribbled over the Christmas break into some coherent form; on 23 January I'll be presenting a first draft to colleagues at the PhD seminar. So it's time to get cracking, since it has to be sent around to everyone two weeks today.

Still, at least one finished item has made it's way into a presentable format: my piece on Chilean local government is finally up here.

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