Thursday, January 05, 2006

Other leadership crises...

And while (little) British attention is paid to Latin America, here in London the news is all about Ariel Sharon and Charles Kennedy. Not that you could ever imagine either sharing a stage together.

Kennedy is really starting to look like damaged goods. But what's even more depressing is the incompetence or unwillingness of the Lib Dems to wield the knife. If this is stabbing in the back it's not looking very effective. The party could definitely do with watching the Tories more closely.

As for Sharon, it's indeed a simal state of affairs when someone like him is seen as necessary to the peace process. Yes, I've heard all about 'better the devil you know', but let's not forget that only a few years ago the notion that this man could become prime minister was seen as disastrous. yet here we now are, wondering who will take over and what the future holds.

And before we get all misty-eyed with the idea that perhaps there's a better chance for peace, let's look at the rabble rousing by Sharon's Likud successor, Bibi Netanyahu and the increasing intransigence and bullishness on both Israeli and Palestinian sides.

Not looking too good, is it?

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