Saturday, January 07, 2006

No substance at all?

Wow, they're all breaking cover now, aren't they? To think, just a month ago it was all rumour and innuendo - now you can't switch on the radio or the TV without finding at least five Lib Dem MPs desperate to comment on the CK crisis.

And that included that old showboater, Andrew George MP. My one or two readers will recall his unsuccessful attempt to get the fisheries minister to recall Parliament to discuss the quotas two days before Christmas 2004.

I'm sure that Andrew would argue that it was high-minded principle at stake and had nothing to do with getting good copy. Rather like his comments in the Standard yesterday.

Unless there's something else afoot. Might it be that Andrew's aiming to buck the trend of those who plunge the knife in never reaping the benefits? Could it be that we're seeing the first of the leadership aspirants lining himself up for this own campaign? I think we should be told.

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