Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Such hypocrisy

Interesting how Charles Kennedy was slated by sections of the media and his party for being an alcoholic. In particular were those who said that seeking help for only two months did not mean that he had faced up to his problems and instead it was just the start.

So what exactly am I to make of Kate Moss? Front page of one of the newspapers this morning is an image from her first photo shoot since her return from a clinic for her drug habits. Can it really be that her exposure and recovery has all happened since the end of September? If drugs are like alcohol, how exactly is she 'rehabilitated'? Has she faced up to her problems, or was it all a show so she could get back to work?

Not that I rerally care - good luck to them both I say. But it does make me wonder what the point of all this exposure is.

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