Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Women trouble

Fortaleza is an impossible place to be a single male visitor. In at least two pousadas in the Praia de Iracema area over the last week I´ve been met with incredulous looks when I ask for a room. For myself. Alone.

´´Where´s your companion?´´ one proprietor asked. I asked him who he meant. A woman, obviously. No, I wasn´t with anyone, I replied. I just wanted a room for myself. But maybe I would bring one back with me later, he continued.

No, I said. But he insisted on telling me it would raise the cost of my room by R$10 (around GBP2.50) if I did.

Then there was the chap behind the reception desk in last week´s pousada. I was taking money out of my money belt which had been put in their safe box to pay for the trip to Jericoacoara at the travel agent down the road. He seemed askance when I replied that it wasn´t.

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