Saturday, June 25, 2005

Sitting out

Visited the Education Ministry in Porto Alegre yesterday after the library. It was like walking into a giant concrete warehouse. It took awhile before I realised that it was all open-plan, but you could barely make out one end from the other.

Managed to find some material I need, relating to exam results. But interestingly, the middle-aged ladies who worked in the planning department (including one with very badly smudged lipstick) told me that the PT had opted out of the state evaluation exercise during its time in office.

I hope to verify this on Monday when I interview Lucia Camini, mainly because the women who I spoke to were al political appointees made after the PT left office. However, the thought that the PT wouldn´t want to assess students or the quality of their reforms staggers me. Definitely one for the dissertation if it´s confirmed.

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