Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Holidaying in Hell?

I thought I´d got a bargain yesterday when I moved from the first pousada. What swung the move down the road were two factors: first, having a shower which wasn´t separated from the rest of the bathroom meaning that the entire floor gets wet; second, being in a place which fronts on the beach.

OK, so the place I´m in is only R$5 more, at R$40 (reduced from R$50 if I stay three night). But already I´ve electrocuted myself on the shower tap, a regular hazard in bargain budget Brazilian accommodation. Yet more unforgiveable are the sealed shutters which front darkened windows. Consequently, it´s permanent night-time in that place. Anyone who wants to know what isolation in prison is, just come visit me.

And I haven´t even started on the resident Colonel Blimp in the pousada who have views on everything including the inferior nature of Brazilians as a result of its inferior stock, including lazy blacks (who are ´only good for playing football and music´) and Portuguese (who believe the world owes them a living)...

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