Sunday, June 19, 2005

Blogging in Jericoacoara

Why am I even finding the time to do this? Quite frankly, I should be outside, basking in the constant and balmy 25-30 degrees - and it´s night time.

Frankly, Jericoacoara is one of the most vizually stunning and amazing places I have visited. Ever. The town is a small fishing village but is increasingly being taken over by tourism. That is it´s downside.

We´re about five hours from the state capital in Fortaleza but the last 45 minutes is spent reaching the town by truck - there´s no roads as we´re in a national park.

The park surrounds the town and is basically a series of sand dunes about ten stories high, interspersed with shurb land and lagoons. The sunsets into the sea from the top of the dunes are amazing while it´s still possible to see the stars at night - there´s relatively little illumination; apparently electricity only arrived seven years ago.

I thinking of jacking in my Masters degree and opening a pousada.

Well, maybe not. But I´m definitely coming back here.

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