Thursday, June 16, 2005

Each to their own

For some reason Fortaleza seems to be the Dutch capital of Brazil. I haven´t mentioned this until now, but so far the only non-Brazilians I´ve met have been Dutch - and both on the same evening. One was struggling to order dinner, the other having run out of money was fortifying himself to leaflet and raise some needed cash. Just around the corner from where I´m staying there is a bar whose definining feature is a large clog.

Rio is always flooded with Americans and increasing numbers of Brits (unfortunately). While the the last time I was in Brazil, two years ago, Porto Seguro was overrun by Israelis, with Hebrew signs written on every street corner.

I wonder who Porto Alegre attracts?

PS I realise I was a little hasty. After all, the Duth did spend a bit of time running the place in the 17th century. So that is what all these Dutch are doing in Fortaleza. Before they tried to take it by force; this time they´re doing it by stealth...

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