Friday, June 17, 2005

Leave of absence?

I´m taking a well-earned (well I think so) break tomorrow and over the weekend. I´ve booked my place on a fast bus and accommodation in Jericoacoara this evening. I´m leaving at 8.15 tomorrow which will mean not being able to have too big a night tonight - a shame as I was told at the Pirata on Monday that there´s a good forro night in town on Thursdays. However, I want to get away from Fortaleza and see the Ceara coast which is supposed to be sensational. After all, you can´t come all the way here and stay in the city for 9 days in a row.

If it means that a former state minister of planning being fobbed off from an interview on Saturday, I´m happy to do that. You got to get your priorities right!

I´ll try to blog from the coast, but for obvious reasons (beach, sun, sand, cold drinks, partying - oh, and a four hour trip both ways), coverage may be light.

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