Thursday, June 16, 2005

I thought I´d seen him somewhere before...

You knew I had to come back to politics at some point. Well, I´m only doing so because after a week the scandal about the PT government´s treasurer paying backhandersto congressmen continues. Yesterday the chief denunciator, Roberto Jefferson, was in front of the cameras and the ethics committeemaking his claims. But apparently he didn´t produce any evidence and the sharp exchanges recorded between him and the accused made for compulsive viewing.

But Jefferson is an odd chap. His hair is perfectly coiffured and he turns himself out well (even if he has poor choice in dress sense with a matching tie and shirt and no cufflinks). He´s got a penchant for the theatrical, waving his hands all over the place, raising an eyebrow here, curling the edge of his lips there. And the language he uses! ´When I told Lula about this, he raised his hand and a tear felldown his cheek´.

I think I´ve found Brazil´s answer to Tony Blair.

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