Friday, July 09, 2004

What am I reading?

Wow, the Liberator's all-singing, all-dancing new website is finally up. And I'm pleased to see it only took 3 days for the latest copy to land on the proverbial doormat.

This month I've got two book reviews in there: one on Dan Trelfer's enjoyable first novel, Vodka and Chocolate Chasers, and the second on Peter Robb's A Death in Brazil.

Shame the edition isn't yet up on the website. But keep an eye on it for when it does come out. At least they have a copy of the February edition, which was my last book review for them, on Peter Stothard's Thirty Days. I have to admit to feeling particularly angry when I wrote it; it was around the time of the Hutton report.

And I see that I only have just under two weeks to get my copy in for the next edition. Yikes!

Have a look at the contributors' guidelines. You can almost imagine the collective must despair of Lib Dems' and liberals' grammar if they have to resort to such rules!

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