Friday, July 02, 2004

Disgruntled of the world unite

"Are you disappointed in the achievements of Lula's government?

Are you interested in hearing about a new party set up by a breakaway faction of the PT? Or do you want to defend the case for staying within the PT?"

I didn't know I was down as a petista - I'm sure the Lib Dems might have something to say about that! Still, being on the London PT's email list has its uses.

But it goes on:

"Whatever your views, come and hear


A federal deputy, she is one of the founding members of P-SOL, the new party set up by disaffected petistas"

Aha, she's one of the group which was booted out of the party last December for disagreeing, speaking out and voting against the government.

Sectarianism, it seems, continues to rear its head in the Brazilian left. But whether there's space for what seems like an already saturated market and where influence is only gained by entering into electoral alliances (and thereby diluting one's ideological purity) is one which I think Luciana should answer.

So where is this taking place?

"Monday 12th July, 6.30pm at Latin America Bureau, 1 Amwell Street, London EC1R IUL"

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