Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Thinking about Tony

Been busy today, so only getting around to the blog now.

Only really two things, both Mr Tony-related.

First, was it just me or did anyone else do a double-take when opening the Independent newspaper this morning. I could have sworn I was looking at a picture of a younger-looking Blair before realising it was Kerry's new running mate for 'veep', John Edwards.

If Blair's trajectory offers any hint of what Edwards might become, then the future will be rather grim.

Second, who else spluttered at the PM's words about WMD? After failing to turn them up anywhere, he now expects us to believe that "[Saddam] may have removed or hidden or even destroyed those weapons. We don't know." Having mocked people before the war for saying that, now he buys into the same line of argument.

But then I look at what's happening elsewhere - Milosevic and Saddam in court - and I think maybe Mr Tony's time will come too. Maybe when he's left office.

Please don't think I am a raving militant like the Galloway lot. But given our PM's constant slipping and sliding over the justification for war and its dubious legality, perhaps it's about time he realised that if two unpleasant leaders (nearly three if you count Pinochet) can land in the dock, the same can go for our own too.

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