Thursday, July 15, 2004

Chic shack?

Arrived in my email inbox this morning from Urban Junkies (that source of useful, hip stuff what's going down in London and which I somehow never make use of), details of a new Brazilian place in town.

Shame I'm going to be away next week and the week after, but this one I will definitely try and make a visit - and review it for my two self-confessed readers too. Of course, it goes without saying that if either of them gets there before me, they will be required to fill me in:

Fancy a trip to the beach?

Before you rush to book an Easyjet seat to somewhere - anywhere - hotter than London this summer, check out 'Made in Brasil'.

MIB is a new concept bar and eaterie in NW1 which makes our usual watering dens look as dull as a rainy afternoon in Skegness.

With its beach shack-style bar selling Brazilian cocktails, light-filling floor to ceiling windows leading out to a sun-trap garden with al-fresco dining, MIB aims to capture 'the spirit of a Brazilian beach party'; just without the sand and the bikini clad chicas.

The bar will stock one of the biggest selections of burning, mind-altering cacha├ža anywhere in the UK - with 72 varieties previously unavailable. That's a lot of new shots to tempt our taste buds and spice up the night. The cocktail list will also include ten different Caipirinhas including Chili, Raspberry and Pomodoro Tomato as well as traditional Brazilian favourites Batidas and Capetas (translation: 'The Devil').

The restaurant will be headed by the Juarez Santana Ferreira (love the name) who will rustle up meat and fish dishes barbeque style as well as whole baked fish and Cassava prawns, light salads with palm hearts and endless trad Brazilian fodder.

And, of course, where there's Brazil there's rhythm and dancing and love and romancin'... MIB will also host live Brazilian music nights and house Capoeira lessons (that amazing Brazilian dance-inspired martial art).

Sound as hot as a scorching summer in Rio?

Made In Brasil
12 Inverness Street, NW1 - 020 7482 0777

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