Friday, July 02, 2004

And a big thanks to...

Last night I was in City Hall, for an awards ceremony. The fact that the event was taking place on the top floor and only open to those receiving their thanks and a handshake from Ken wasn't too sorely felt; those of us who had been invited were being plied with food and drink (nice to see something for the council tax precept I pay!).

And before anyone asks, I was there fore work. Supposedly. With no-one name badge revealing anything other than the person's name, it was hard to know what everyone was there fore. One girl I spoke to was accompanying her boyfriend, whose job I never learned.

All the staff were dressed up, in Charlie Chaplin costumes or togas - until I realised they were meant to be Greeks. Not because of the Portugal-Czech Republic later that evening, but to link London with the Olympics.

There was a live film feed at the back of one of the rooms as the ceremony unfolded. Capital FM's Margherita Taylor was MC-ing the event. But the best moment of the evening for me was at the end; as she rattled through the names of sponsors, she got to the last one, only for the microphone to reverb, sending a piercing noise and cutting out.

Leaving Magherita and Ken looking like two mime artists on a silent screen. And the sponsors fuming at the loss of a plug.

Alicia Keys was performing in the park nearby as I came out. Must be a sign of the time that I had to ask one of the security men who she was. Ten years ago that would never have happened...

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