Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Remaining in murky water

We had an 'Audience with Alastair Campbell' last night. And as much as it pains me to say it, I actually found I quite liked him. Other members of the government had better not start these road shows, or I'll end up with no bete noires left.

At least I had one over him though: my first ever football match was Aldershot against his team, Burnley - which we won 2-0. But it's been downhill ever since.

OK, he began to rant towards the end of his presentation on the nature of the media and he kept going over the same mantra of Labour successes - minimum wage, more money for schools, hospitals, etc - but then he said it himself, he dealt with the presentation, not policy.

He was best at taking questions in the second half: the one about how he dealt with Robin Cook's affair, Mr Tony's call to Charlie Whelan outside the Red Lion and when he told the PM about his decision to go on Channel 4 news last year was considered among the best.

And I nearly got the last question, but he over-ruled the presenter, Kirsty Young. So the ongoing Guardian Diary investigation into whether the swimming pool in the holiday villa in France was poisoned or not will have to go unanswered.

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