Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Cool, but at a price?

I'm hoping to pop into Selfridges's later this evening, to check out the month-long Brazilian events there - and to see if the cost of a pair of Havaiana flip flops really is around £40 (they were going at Sunday's capoeira roda for about a fiver).

I've got to be in central London, so it'll be an ideal time to see if it's worth the hype. But even if it isn't, there's comfort elsewhere this week - although it may cost.

Starting later this week, The Other Cinema is about to host a week-long festival of Brazilian films, many of which haven't yet been seen in the UK. I plan to go to at least one, although it depends how far my bank balance will allow me.

And on Saturday the monthly Brazilian Love Affair club night will be on at the Notting Hill Arts Club. Again, one to go to, as long as I get there early. The question though is whether anyone else is up for it.

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