Friday, September 16, 2005

Pre-term trepidations

In just under a week I'll be registered for the MPhil/PhD programme over at the LSE - assuming that my letter in the summer is picked up on and the bureaucrats realise that I won't have my final marks or transcript from my Masters course. Because I'm almost betting on that happening. I'm off to the LSE again today to make doubly sure they know what's what. There's nothing worse than to queue for a couple of hours only to be denied the all-precious card that will open every door on account of a mere technicality.

But at least I have a clearer idea of what is expected during my first year. I only have to attend one seminar a week definitely, on how to do a doctorate, what it entails, what to expect, etc, etc. Sitting down with my future supervisor I've also identified one or two other seminars to attend, but compared to Masters study it will be less class-based and much more self-study.

Which raised the all-important question which three of my work colleagues mentioned had been raised during their own doctoral experiences yesterday, but to which no-one seemed to have an answer: what to do when you get lonely.

Now I'm worried...

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