Monday, September 19, 2005

Enjoyable viewing

I mentioned last week I would comment on the Brazilian film festival which took place in Brick Lane. I attended three screenings: Dona Carlota (the 1995 film about the queen who married the Portuguese Prince Regent and fled to Brazil when Napoleon came a-knocking and which kick-started the renaissance in Brazilian cinema), an Eduardo Coutinho documentary about spiritualism and Intermissions (which I saw last March but accompanied a friend to catch it this time).

The timing of the films was rather chaotic, with them never starting at the exact time as billed. The chairs were uncomfortable, but I saw someone had sensibly brought along a pillow for his back. But there wasn't much else to criticse. Part of the gallery space had been converted into a social space and bar with Brazilian drinks on offer and the strains of Marcelo D2 to keep the hunters happy in between screenings.

At first I had thought the choice of Bengali Brick Lane was an odd choice for Brazilian cinema. But the vibe created by the festival organisers ultimately made it a sensible choice. It definitely had an edgy feel to it, with that Hoxton and Shoreditch feel. On balance then, I'd give the organisers 8 out of 10 - just sort out the seating for next time!

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