Friday, September 23, 2005

LIfe goes on

Even though I wasn't able to register yesterday I did manage to meet some of the new students in the Government Department - all on the Masters programmes. British students seemed somewhat thin on the ground. This happened in the Three Tuns student bar, a place I haven't had a drink in since I graduated from LSE in 1998. It has completely changed since I was last there, looking like a cheaper version of All Bar One than the typical grungy-sticky carpet-dim student bar I was used to. At least the Grolsch was only £1.90 a pint. That's right: £1.90.

At least one other institution hasn't changed. Wrights Bar has been serving LSE students, staff and nearby office workers and is run by the same family and has the same cramped interior since I was first there. As I stood at the counter yesterday I had to pinch myself to believe it's been the same since I first registered at the LSE - 10 years ago. The only thing that's different is that finally they've updated the price list which sits on the wall - but then pricing was always an ambiguous experience in Wrights.

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