Thursday, September 29, 2005

How it must look

I didn't mention that now I've got access to the LSE I'm able to use the computers - something which I wasn't able to do before, either as an alumnus or a Masters student at ISA. But sitting here in the open basement of the Library, typing away, I'm put in the mind of how I and the others around me must look. It's as if we were a part of one of those sci-fi films which show armies of similarly dressed workers all sitting in front of the same computer terminals, grinding out small bits of information to make a whole. Rather like a cog in a wheel in fact.


Harry said...

Greetings from Portugal.

I liked your article on the origins of our title phrase. Hope you find something of interest in my blog too.

Good luck with the lib-dems - always the best bet for local government.

Tom Barney said...

I must admit I dislike the way that increasing areas of desk space in university libraries are being denied to "readers" in the literal sense of the word because they are being covered with computers. No doubt the demand for computers is going up, but surely there is a fairly obvious solution: have only a few desktop machines but wire all places for laptops. Encourage those who have their own laptops to bring them in, and for those who don't, have some for loan.