Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Over one hurdle...

A bit of a rush around today. There I was sitting around the flat this morning, waiting for the computer's spyware to finish its job. I know, I thought, I'll ring up Queen Mary and see whether they've come to a decision on my application to study there next year. What happens? Voicemail.

At that point the postman arrives, shoving some letters addressed to me - for a change. One was from the LSE. Yes, they were pleased to offer me a place. Hooray I thought, Queen Mary slipping to the back of my mind.

Then the next, almost sudden, black thought: tuition fees around £3085 for the next three years (minus living costs). So it was back to the computer to crank out yet another begging statement, highlighting my worthiness at some much needed cash for next year. Conveniently too, my former supervisor's accompanying reference fell through the door at the same time as well.

So now it's down to the LSE to place yet another funding application with those nice people before Friday's deadline. Only to be followed by yet another one which I'm now eligible for, having been accepted at the School.

Getting the place is only half the battle it seems. Whether I end up with the necessary funds to actually start in September is another matter...

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