Wednesday, April 27, 2005

An alternative view

May I add my take on the whole Brian Sedgemore discussion? The Lib Dems seem to be falling over themselves in congratulation at what seems like a political coup. But three points seem to be in order.

First, why has it taken so long for Brian to see the light? Isn’t it a bit rich to leave Labour and join another party when he’s effectively retired from Parliament? Wouldn’t it have made more sense to have had the courage of his convictions and moved across the floor before the election?

Second, was he much good as a constituency MP? OK, so he represented Hackney for nearly 30 years, but you could put up a donkey with a red rosette in that part of London and see it returned. From what little I’ve seen of Hackney politics (and it’s a little, I’ll grant), he didn’t seem that active.

Third – and perhaps most tellingly – there are Lib Dems in Hackney who have misgivings about Sedgemore joining the party. When party members from the area concerned have doubts party HQ should be listening. After all, they are the ones who most likely have their ear to the ground and know how effective or not a high-profile defector may be the cause.

Then again, the whole thing will be forgotten by tomorrow. Oh wait, it has.

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