Wednesday, April 27, 2005

In the shadows

On a slightly more troubling note, few observers will have failed to notice that the election campaign is apparently getting quite nasty in Bethnal Green. Last week George Galloway was harangued by anti-democracy demonstrators to the point where he claimed to be fearful of his life.

But spare a thought for those not in the media spotlight. Although I’m not doing any campaign work this year (exams and revision is my excuse), I was copied into an email from a councillor to party canvassers. Apparently a team of them were challenged by young, angry anti-democracy protestors on the Turin estate who chased them away. When they spy them coming they ring around their friends and then confront the campaigners.

My councillor friend reckons the antipathy may be due to the estate being one of the most rundown in the area. But walking along Bethnal Green Road the other day I came across stickers plastered to the side of traffic lights and on post boxes saying the same thing.

I wonder how it will all pan out next week?

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