Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Last, but not least...

And yes, I got a chance to have a word with John Harris after the meeting as well. Not about his quest to find someone acceptable to vote for, but about his first book, The Last Party, which recounted the story of Britpop from the sublime of Suede and Blur to the (at least to me) ridiculous of Oasis and Menswear (and which I reviewed here).

I told him I enjoyed it hugely but had a bone to pick with him. His was one of the few books which immersed me in a wave of nostalgia – more specifically back to the 1990s and the idea that ‘things could only get better’. He admitted that was the point, the association of music with the New Labour government only taking form after Britpop had become part of the establishment and ceased to be cutting edge.

I also asked him if he’s noticed the apparent 1990s revivalism which appears to be taking place. Judging by some of the fashion magazines Sonic the Hedgehog T-shirts are in, as are Nike Air trainers while Oasis will be releasing a new album later this year. Was he responsible for all this? I asked. His response: a relatively sheepish look. Read into that what you will!

And damn it, I forgot to bring along my copy to get him to sign. Then again, I might have seemed too much like a groupie…

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