Sunday, April 23, 2006

Election round-up

Yesterday was one of the two (possibly three) ventures into the Spitalfields and Banglatown ward election. Along with my two colleagues we visited several estates and houses near Hanbury Street to plug ourselves. We had a leaflet with details about ourselves and the party (although one of the leaflets had a statement about me that was slightly out of date). No matter though. We managed to introduce ourselves to a number of people and even if it wasn't really canvassing, the general impression was good. Only a few people refused to take our leaflet or said they wouldn't vote Lib Dem.

It's less than two weeks until polling day and there was quite a lot of acitivity inthe area. As we doorknocked one estate the local Tory candidate was seen driving around the block and back again (so much for his party's claims of green-ness!), while several Labour candidates and activists stopped to talk to us. Meanwhile on the other side of the street there were three Respect activists whi were clearly not from the area, trying to work out which estate was which from one of the maps.

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