Thursday, April 20, 2006

Back to business as usual

I'm back after a three-week absence. I was away in Brazil, ostensibly for a friend's wedding in Rio before then heading out to the Amazon with friends for some serious slumming. Then back to Rio via a detour in the African-feeling city of Salvador. Plenty that could be written about - and which might appear gratuitous and boring to some. I reckon the best way to address this might be to post the occasional photo rather than wax lyrical. Also, because I simply don't have the time! It's back to work, both PhD-related and work-related, for me.

But I will leave this thought: the jungle is much noisier than I anticipated. Sitting silently one can hear dozens of things, from howler monkeys to buzzing mosquitos and grasshoppers, through to strange sounding birds - particularly those that make a 'thwip-thweeough' side, like a builder to a passing woman!

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