Sunday, April 23, 2006

A-begging for money

It looks like being ridiculously expensive to get a flight for Brazil this summer. A quick check of online travel agencies suggests around £800-£1000. Quite steep. The last time I sought a flight to Brazil in the summer (August time) it was around £550 - and that was considered expensive three years ago. Presumably it's something to do with the fuel tax?

Which makes it all the more imperative that I apply for funding for the flight. I managed to get some money last year from London University which covered my flight out. Today I'm going to be making an effort to apply again - and hopefully be successful once more.

Although judging by my last few funding applications (almost a job in themselves for PhD students), I may well be unsuccessful. This month alone has seen rejections from the Government Department to support my ESRC application and from the Wingate scholarship foundation.

Once the travel application is done there's also internal LSE funds to apply for before the end of June, including the Miliband scholarship (worth £5000 and only available once every two years) and the research grant (that cuts my tuition fees in half as it did this year).

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