Sunday, April 23, 2006

Anglified Braziliana

To Guanabara club/bar in the evening for my brother's birthday party. Yet having been in Rio just a few days ago, the vibe was definitely less Brazilian than one might expect.

Sure, Guanabara has gained a reputation as arguably the most vibrantly Brazilian venue in London. And perhaps if you haven't been to Brazil - or it's been awhile since you were last there - it may catch the vibe. But there's plenty there to remind you that you're definitely in London. It's not just the number of white people, but the sense of busy-ness around you. Added to that the music before the big samba school came on was definitively not Brazilian and the presence of a toilet attendent, which really winds me up something chronic, all points out that we're in the UK.

And is it just me or are there a growing number of Ben Sherman shirts that I saw in there last night? I'm coming to the conclusion that toilet attendents and Ben Sherman fashionwear is something that is quite closely correlated.

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