Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Come in number 7, your time is up...

I supposed the fact that one exam is now out of the way is small consolation for a gorgeous sunny and warm Bank Holiday spent in the library. Notwithstanding awaking at 5 this morning in a cold sweat from a nightmare which consisted of 16 pages of closely-typed questions, none of which had any relation to the subject examined today (Comparative Latin American Politics).

But can someone explain to me how it is that on Bank Holiday the entire LSE library was packed to the rafters? I had to stand and wait until someone moved from one of the tables.

Most amusing moment of the day though came when the librarian announced that the owner of the Mercedes parked outside move it as it was blocking access to the library.

And meanwhile the politicians are all feverishly campaigning about ending tuition fees come Election Day this Thursday. Judging by the LSE experience, that's one place whose students don't need to worry unduly.

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