Friday, May 20, 2005

You can run, but you can't hide

So Pinochet and his supporters are citing ill health to avoid scrutiny of his allegedly dodgy financial dealings? Where have I seen that ruse used before? Oh yes, when Spain was trying to extradite him for human rights abuses.

Personally, I want to see him in court. And not just him; I want to see George Bush there as well. But before anyone thinks I have a pathological aversion to only those two individuals, I also want to see those who wilfully flout the law put on trial: Saddam, Mugabe, those responsible for the Tiananmen Square massacre and Tony Blair.

And you can add the Uzbek president to my list this week as well.

After Pinochet’s arrest plenty of leaders began to worry, realising they couldn’t claim immunity for conduct which would land an ordinary citizen in court. Time is now catching up with Pinochet; I’m waiting for justice against the rest.

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