Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The noose tightens

Two, down, one to go. The Lib Dems are having to re-select their candidate for Bethnal Green & Bow ahead of the General Election. Apparently our previous candidate resigned last November, although I missed it all as I wasn't at the AGM.

So on Sunday night I was called by one of the prospective candidates; that was followed by a second just before I left the house for class today. I'm waiting to see whether I get a call from the third before the papers go out.

I always liken these conversations to a fencing session. You know they are calling you to ask for your support, but they don't want to be too obvious. You, meanwhile, want to keep your options open and avoid committing yourself. The caller moves forward for the ask; you step back and dodge. They try again; this time you parry. If you want to be particularly cruel, keep them on the phone and avoid answering their questions. Better yet, ask them the really tricky question: after all, if they can't answer well to party members, what hope at the election.

Eventually though you have to make a decision. Which I did. Now I'm waiting for the ballot paper to arrive.

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